Our Mission
To be the best electronic measurement product development company in the global market with care and dedication to deliver the right product at the right price to our customers at the right time.

Our History & Background
Established in 1995, V-Care is a team of product specialists and award-winning engineers focused on deploying the latest technology in measurement tools to help improve the health and well being of people. Our prime directive is to take care of the needs of our customers. Our design and management teams are based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Product and material sourcing will mostly be met by our excellent connections with established manufacturing facilities in China.
Building on our own research & development capabilities, we have been helping our customers

  • design successful new products;
  • modify/upgrade their existing products;
  • locate the most cost-effective supplier for their current products;
  • adapt our existing products to their local market requirements; and
  • import our existing products, sometimes also under their custom brand names.

In summary, V-Care is your ultimate source of innovative health-related electronic consumer goods for the international markets.